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About us

The name ‘’Komal’’ translates to Lotus, which is an emblem of rebirth and growth. From the very days of its initiation, Hotel Komal wanted to stay true to its name. Constantly reinventing and excelling the bar of hospitality and stay services is our ultimate aspiration.


 Nestled in the lap of the Mithila municipality, we wanted to shed the spotlight on the radiant beauty of Dhalkewar and its rich roots while delivering excellence in hospitality and amenities. Embodying a tranquil ambience, Hotel Komal resides at the heart of Mahendra Highway. So, each and every avid traveller can find their own unique spot in this paradise. Above all, brilliance in customer service and setting a new milestone in the hospitality landscape is what defines us truly.  


Core Features

Excellent location

A perfect blend of authentic roots of Mithila and the fast pace of Mahendra Highway. The proximity to Janakpur airport and transit for other destinations make it a perfect spot to plan your stay here. The magnetic view of the Chure range and the freshness of tropical forests that follow will surely transform your staycation.


Amicable staff and top services

The etiquettes and manners of our friendly staff will charm you and leave a sweet spot on your memory lane even after the stay is over. The exceptional delivery of facilities is our utmost priority. So, there remains no room for an excuse for any compromise in conveying the best services.


Elegant amenities and soothing ambience

Trips and travels can be exhausting. That’s why calm ambience and fine details of decorations are the parameters for guaranteeing a quality stay. With fine attention to detail, we have carefully crafted rooms(your paradise) considering your requirements and needs. A quality experience is what we aspire for and are committed to delivering